Vector finger cots are produced for industries where products must be protected from moisture, flakes, and skin salt. These industries include: Cleanrooms, electronics, semiconductor, and similar critical environments. At Total Source manufacturing, our finger cots are produced in a Class 100 environment under standard guidelines.

You can choose from the selection of finger cots such as: Anti-Static/Latex, Industrial Powdered, Industrial Static Dissipative/Powder Free, Nitrite/Powder free, Powder Free, Powdered, and Static Dissipative.

We also carry many products including but not limited to: Disposable apparel, Adhesive mats, Cleanroom wipers, Face shields, and ElectroStatic Dissipative devices (ESD)
Finger Cots (Powder-Free)
Finger Cots (Powdered)
Finger Cots (Static Dissipative)
Industrial Finger Cots (Lightly Powdered)
Industrial Finger Cots (Static Dissipative, Powder-Free)
Latex Finger Cots (Anti-Static)
Nitrile Finger Cots (Powder-Free)
Nitrile Finger Cots (Powder-Free, Rolled)